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AU Genderswitch Fic

dead comm is dead :(

I thought I'd post up a link to a Xemnas/Fem!Saix fanfic I wrote for my NaNo this year, though I'm a little uncertain of this comm's activity or the popularity of XemSai following Days.

Title: The Dichotomy Between Me and Me
Rating: M
Saïx, Xemnas, Marluxia, Xigbar, Axel, Larxene
Pairings: Xemnas/Saïx, Xemnas/Fem!Saïx, Marluxia/Saïx, Axel/Larxene
Summary: Saïx lives in two realities.  In one, he is an empty shell of a person - a Nobody - searching for his heart.  In another, she is a lonely housewife who, post-fugue, is trying to remember who she is, while her emotions run riot and out of control.  When Saïx's element of the moon pulls their realities together, what will each Saïx learn from the other, and which one is better off?

Warnings: Genderswitch fic - meaning that Saïx has a lot of screentime as a woman.  Also instances of violence, strong language and disturbing themes throughout.  Proceed with caution.

Disclaimer: Characters and settings are copyright to Square Enix.

prologue and chapter one here @ minntaka 

Enjoy! ♥
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