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Don't let this die

Hello, my fellow friends!

I still doubt someone would read me here, but still.
I'm a Xemsai fan, mostly known like Lerato (on Deviantart) and Ironbird/Maldel in other communities.
I know this pairing has lost popularity after the new developing of the games, especially with the rise of other pairings (that, being all honest, sound almost ridiculous to me).

However, I still think this pairing has a lot of potential. It's not only the fluff or angst or the servant-master thing we were used to play after the release of KH2. Things have changed in the fandom, some for good, some for bad. Intolerance and bigotry have raised too, and I know what is that about. But as I said, this pairing still have a lot of potential, even with the newest plot twists of the story. It is  not about to close ourselves in one or another view of this pairing, after al, shipping characters like these is a game that can be played from many angles.

I personally hold them very dear in my heart and mind, so much that this particular pairing is what you can say 'truly an OTP'. Fandoms come and go, but I still enjoy pairing them so much, viewing pictures of other users about them and reading fanfics. I don't care if they're OCC or not, or if they're not canon or not. I just enjoy all the possibilities with them and I keep drawing them since individually and as pairing, they're my muses and I'm positive they will always be.

Just, please, don't let this die :)

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